We have been making

wood-fired ovens

for over 45 years. You’ve told us that they’re durable and we believe you. Our high-quality ovens are known for their reliability and high thermal inertia. They’re sturdy and versatile, perfect for both enthusiasts and top chefs.

your own
wood-fired oven

Our residential wood-fired ovens are simple for anyone to use and available in build-your-own kits. Check out our models and choose an easy self-build or go for one of our combined models for a turnkey design.

Ephrem’s affordable and durable wood-fired ovens are made of pozzolan, a naturally fire-resistant material of volcanic origin. 

The Authentique Pizzaiolo, our most famous residential fire oven


New: Loule, the last born of Ephrem’s rotating fire ovens


Embellish your oven: arches, new decorative accessories


Ephrem baker ovens, designed with master bakers


Made in
since 1975

With over 45 years’ experience, Ephrem designs and manufactures hand-crafted residential, professional and baker wood-fired ovens.

Founded in 1975 by Alain & André Ephrem and then took over by Virginie and Sylvain Pesce in 2019, Ephrem is starting a new chapter.

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Professional & baker ovens:

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