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We have been making

wood-fired ovens

for over 45 years. For private individuals, catering professionals and bakers.

Still in use for the most part, you’ve told us that they’re durable and we believe you. Our high-quality ovens are known for their reliability and high thermal inertia. They’re sturdy and versatile, perfect for both enthusiasts and top chefs.

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Choose a genuine wood-fired oven that will stand the test of time

A real wood-fired oven features a refractory mass floor ensuring excellent thermal inertia and heat distribution for an extended duration. Manufactured in Haute-Provence (France) since 1975, Ephrem wood-fired ovens are made from natural materials. Available in ready-to-build kits, some have been in use for over 40 years. Sturdy and durable, they are now being embellished to offer you turnkey models. Explore our range by browsing through our new e-shop.

L’Authentique Pizzaiolo: our best-seller since 1975

Introducing “Le Flambeur”, the next-generation wood-fired oven

L’Authentique Pizzaiolo in a turnkey version, featuring a modern aesthetic: discover Le Flambeur, the last one of Ephrem’s wood-fired ovens.

Le Loule, the rotating wood-fired oven: design & efficiency

In a rotating version with Le Loule, or fixed with the new Flambeur Pro: find the wood-fired oven that suits you.

Baker ovens

Combine tradition and innovation by equipping your bakery with an Ephrem wood-fired baker oven.

Matériaux naturels

Emphasis on our raw materials

Each component of our wood-fired ovens is made out of refractory concrete, using natural, high-quality French raw materials. For our residential wood-fired ovens, we use pozzolan, a volcanic soil sourced from Ardèche in southeast France. As for our professional wood-fired ovens and baker ovens, we use chamotte, a fire-clay from Aquitaine, to create our refractory concrete. This meticulous selection guarantees excellent refractoriness and exceptional thermal inertia: the heat from the wood is effectively stored and gradually released throughout the cooking process.

agrégat de pouzzolane
Manufacture Ephrem villeneuve

Why choose an Ephrem wood-fired oven?

  • Kit: our residential wood-fired ovens are available in kit form and ready to build, making it effortless to build your very own oven. Put together without grouting, insulate, roof and decorate according to your personal taste: your oven is fully finished. Save time for what truly matters: sharing moments and gathering around the wood fire.
  • Design & Performance: For professionals, we offer a choice between traditional fixed wood-fired ovens that can be customised, and models with a rotating floor. Our rotating ovens stand out with their contemporary design, in line with the distinctive style of the manufacture. Our wood-fired baker ovens blend tradition and performance seamlessly with their unique features which are highly appreciated by our customers.
  • Robust & reliable: The initial ovens we installed continue to serve their purpose 45 years later. By constructing them with durability in mind, you lay the foundation for the next generation: food and energy self-sufficiency are more than ever the challenge of tomorrow.
  • An ecological and French raw material 🇫🇷: Our ovens are crafted by hand, using unique expertise and natural French materials. These ovens are then air-dried without the requirement of high-temperature firing. The result speaks for itself: Ephrem wood-fired ovens are considered ecological construction materials, from their manufacture to their use.

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Made in Provence, France

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Wood-fired ovens
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The wood-fired oven experience

Our customers are our best advocates, and word of mouth remains our most powerful form of communication. The testimonials from our customers are the strongest argument, so here are a few portraits:

Manu from Lo Pichotome / Laurence & Laurent Signoret from L’Éco-Pain
  • Lo Pichotome Pizzeria, Forcalquier (04, France): tasty, beautiful and organic. The motto of our ambassador Manu Barthélémy says a lot about this pizzaiolo for whom sourdough, organic and local are the 3 essential elements that contribute to the taste of his dishes. 2016 Ethical Pizza World Champion and recently selected by the guide Le Fooding 2023, he now treats his customers with our rotating pizza oven Le Loule. Find him on Instagram: @pichotome.
  • L’Éco-Pain Bakery, St-Paul-sur-Ubaye (04, France): following a career change, Laurent Signoret trained at the IBS (International baker school) to become an artisan baker. Alongside his wife Laurence, they established their bakery in Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region. Their unwavering commitment lies in providing high-quality products made from locally sourced organic ingredients and baked in a Le Boulanger 4m2 Ephrem oven. Catch a glimpse of their activity: @ecopainubayen.
  • Tristan Peugeot, devoted triathlete, Avignon (84, France): between family, sport and cooking, Tristan has many passions. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to indulge in good food and shares his recipes on social media thanks to L’Authentique Pizzaiolo, which he built himself and insulated in a box. You can find out more about him here: @peugeot_tristan.
Tristan Peugeot, at his house
Pizza feu de bois

Built in 1997 and still going strong… My Ephrem Artisan 110? The oven of a lifetime!

Mr Pesenti, Café de la place in Fleurieu sur Saône (69, France)


Our wood-fired ovens are raw. Sturdy and well-built. With over 80,000 wood-fired ovens sold since 1975, Ephrem has a proven track record of flawless quality. Especially lasting over time: our first wood-fired ovens are still in use today. Our ovens come with a 5 year warranty, and our baker wood ovens have a 10 year warranty.

 Hand-built and local

We hand-build our wood-fired ovens in Haute-Provence. Every step of the manufacturing process takes place in our facility located in Villeneuve (04, France) and our suppliers and service providers are French. Our raw materials are also French: our pozzolan, the main material for Ephrem residential wood-fired ovens, is a volcanic soil extracted in Ardèche, France. The chamotte, a refractory clay used for our professional wood-fired ovens, comes from Aquitaine, France.


For the past three years, Les Ateliers du Lauzon has been dedicated to the revitalising and modernising of our operations and production site. We wish to ground our approach in sustainable innovation, with strong technical expertise focused on the environment and environmentally conscious commitments.

votre four
à bois

Simples, destinés à tous, nos fours à bois domestiques sont proposés en kits, prêts à bâtir. Découvrez nos modèles et optez pour une autoconstruction facilitée. Ou choisissez nos combinés, pour un habillage clef en main.

Économiques et durables, les fours à bois Ephrem sont conçus à base de terre volcanique : la pouzzolane, un matériau naturellement réfractaire. 

Fabriqué en
depuis 1975

Riche d’un savoir-faire de plus de 45 ans, la manufacture Ephrem conçoit et fabrique artisanalement des fours à bois domestiques, professionnels et boulangers.

Créée en 1975 par Alain & André Ephrem, puis reprise depuis 2019 par Virginie et Sylvain Pesce, Ephrem s’engage dans un nouveau chapitre.

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Fours domestiques :

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  • What is the lifespan of an Ephrem wood-fired oven?

    Ephrem wood-fired ovens are known for their durability. Investing in an Ephrem oven means choosing sturdiness and durability. We have been in business since 1975 and our first built ovens are still in operation.

  • Where are Ephrem wood-fired ovens manufactured?

    Our wood-fired ovens are entirely designed in our workshops in Haute Provence (Villeneuve, 04, France). We work with French materials and our products are environmentally friendly designed to make them even more virtuous. Do not hesitate to come visit us! Click here to find out more

  • How to choose your Ephrem wood-fired oven?

    The important questions to ask yourself when choosing an oven are: is it for residential or professional use? How much space do I have? What do I want to cook in the oven? How many guests do I want to feed with the oven? What is my budget? By answering these questions you can narrow down your options according to the minimum dimensions of the load-bearing slab, the size of the oven, its cooking capacity and its price. If you still have uncertainties or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How does an Ephrem wood-fired oven function?

    Ephrem kit ovens are very easy to install. Build your load-bearing slab, assemble the oven like a Tetris, insulate it according to our recommendations and then roof it: the oven is ready to use. First heatings: gradually increase the temperature of the oven to evacuate the humidity of the structure (refer to our advice here). After that, it’s time to start cooking the first pizzas. Bring the oven up to temperature with the fire in the centre of the floor, then move it in a horseshoe shape to the back or sides to create space for the pizzas. In 1 to 2 minutes your pizzas will be ready to enjoy. Easy, isn’t it?

  • What is the advantage of using wood energy compared to electricity and gas?

    The advantage of choosing wood energy is actually multiple: financial savings compared to the rising cost of electricity and gas, investment in products that last over time and, finally, it is choosing a green energy if you get wood from sustainably managed forests. And let’s not even talk about the taste of a good pizza or bread baked in a wood-fired oven.

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