Set the pace for your culinary passion. Rotating floor, high-performance equipment, fibre-reinforced concrete floor made entirely from chamotte: Ephrem

rotating wood-fired ovens

offer authentic wood-fired cooking with a high level of thermal inertia and an excellent yield. Experience optimal cooking and contemporary design with Le Loule, our latest wood-fired oven featuring a rotating floor. Our rotating models are assembled and delivered turnkey.
  • Forte inertie Energy performance:
    high thermal inertia
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Clefs en main Turnkey designs
  • Solde rotative motorisée Motorised rotating
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust
  • Matériaux naturels Natural

Our references