Bread law

“The smell of bread was emerging (…) It was a Saturday morning. We were getting ready to take the first batch of bread out of the oven for the village. (…)A sort of logical desire, stronger than ordinary hunger, was making us hungry. We all recalled the smell of the harvest. We could picture fields of straight wheat, scythes and then sheafs. For the first time, we had the impression that we were doing the right thing. All the village could smell hot bread.”

Jean Giono, Translated from Les Vraies Richesses

For artisanal and country bakers, choosing a wood-fired oven is part of a committed and sustainable culinary process. At Ephrem, we also understand the importance of time and getting a high yield: our bread ovens are wood-fired and high-performance.

Our wood-fired baker ovens :

Our rotating wood-fired baker ovens were designed in collaboration with the best artisanal bakers. They offer an especially high yield and greater than average thermal inertia. With an exceptionally thick turning floor and steam generator, they combine traditional know-how with high-performing equipment, offering specific and unique features.

Four à bois Le Boulanger 2m² Ephrem

Le Boulanger 2M²

  • Ø int: 160 cm
  • L = 200cm
  • P = 291cm
  • H = 220cm
  • Weight : 4500kg
  • Useful surface : 2m²
  • Capacity : 25 kg per batch

A 2m² cooking surface for an oven that adapts to different bakeries formats depending on your project.

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Four Boulanger 4m² Ephrem

Le Boulanger 4M²

  • Ø int: 230 cm
  • L = 312cm
  • P = 372cm
  • H = 220cm
  • Weight : 11100kg
  • Useful surface : 4m²
  • Capacity : 50 kg per batch

A 4m² cooking surface for a versatile oven that offers different cooking options depending on your needs

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Four à bois Le Boulanger 7m² Ephrem

Le Boulanger 7M²

  • Ø int: 300 cm
  • L = 382cm
  • P = 445cm
  • H = 220cm
  • Weight : 12600kg
  • Useful surface : 7m²
  • Capacity : 90 kg per batch

A 7m² cooking surface for a generous-sized oven and large bread batches

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L'Artisan 110 four à bois Ephrem

L’Artisan 110

  • Ø int: 110 cm
  • L = 135cm
  • P = 150cm
  • H = 63cm
  • Weight : 570kg
  • Useful surface : 0,95m²
  • Capacity : 10 kg per batch

A compact fixed oven suitable for bakery use.

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L'Artisan 130 four à bois Ephrem

L’Artisan 130

  • Ø int: 130 cm
  • L = 165cm
  • P = 180cm
  • H = 73cm
  • Weight : 880kg
  • Useful surface : 1,32m²
  • Capacity : 15 kg per batch

A versatile fixed oven suitable for bakery use.

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L'Artisan 160 four à bois Ephrem

L’Artisan 160

  • Ø int: 160 cm
  • L = 195cm
  • P = 210cm
  • H = 74cm
  • Weight : 1320kg
  • Useful surface : 2m²
  • Capacity : 18 kg per batch

Our largest fixed oven for bakers.

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Our traditional façades are made from refractory clay firebricks from the Bouisset brickworks in Le Tarn. They are also available in manganese black clay firebricks. Our design office is currently working on new bases and materials. We are on hand to answer any questions if you require a specific design.


New breadmaking accessories will soon be available here. In the meantime, check out our accessories for professionals :