Choosing a wood-fired oven

Your talent is essential, followed by your choice of ingredients. But then comes the cooking – enjoy optimum and live cooking with a wood-fired oven guaranteed to get people talking. This type of cooking also encourages teamwork and helps build bonds. Wood-fired ovens are perfect for speciality cuisine or alongside multiple gourmet dishes. They are a standout piece to suit your style, but their heating cycle deserves special attention so that you can get the best use out of your oven and understand its basic functions. Get ready for more inventive cooking.

Fixed and rotating wood-fired ovens


professional wood-fired ovens

are available in traditional designs or with a rotating floor. They are primarily made from chamotte-based refractory concrete that offers incredible heat performance. The floor are made of compressed and calcined refractory slabs which are ultra wear-resistant.

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From decorative features to comprehensive cladding designs, we also offer made-to-measure solutions to suit your structure and meet your needs.

Our fixed wood-fired ovens fit into your space and can adapt thanks to a variety of finishes.

Our modular and turnkey Ephrem rotating ovens are getting a makeover with a new look this summer.


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