New oven, new design: Le Flambeur

Looking for a fully completed

wood-fired oven

? We’ve got you covered with

Le Flambeur

. The latest addition to the Ephrem range includes our best-seller, L’Authentique Pizzaiolo, with a designer powder-coated steel casing and optimum insulation, worthy of a professional wood-fired oven.

More efficient than a kamado and safer than a barbecue, Le Flambeur lets you enjoy long-lasting heat and cook all your meals in the serenity of a closed, multifunctional fireplace.

Brighten up your summer kitchen with a real wood-fired oven that’s both attractive and versatile: bread, pizzas, bbq, stews, meat, fish, vegetables… It’s up to you to set the tone. The Flambeur is more than just a cooking tool: it offers a unique culinary experience. And best of all, it shows off.

Why choose Le Flambeur?

  • For its versatility and capacities: bbq, kamado, plancha and more… Le Flambeur can be used for all that. With it, you can grill, roast, cook, simmer, preserve, smoke… And much more;
  • For its cooking space: with a 90cm diameter cooking surface, it can be used for large batches;
  • For its design and finish: more than just a cooking tool, Le Flambeur is made to be shown, for a contemporary and welcoming outdoor kitchen;
  • For its durability: exceptionally efficient, it boasts high inertia, thanks to its mass hearth made entirely from chamotte, a naturally refractory clay. Perfectly insulated, it gives you a real heating cycle: long, regular and economical.

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Fabriqué en France

Made in Provence, France

fours garantis 5 ans

Wood-fired ovens
5 year warranty


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Matériaux naturels

Emphasis on our raw materials

Each component of our wood-fired ovens is made out of refractory concrete, using natural, high-quality French raw materials. For our residential wood-fired ovens, we use pozzolan, a volcanic soil sourced from Ardèche in southeast France. As for our professional wood-fired ovens and baker ovens, we use chamotte, a fire-clay from Aquitaine, to create our refractory concrete. This meticulous selection guarantees excellent refractoriness and exceptional thermal inertia: the heat from the wood is effectively stored and gradually released throughout the cooking process.

agrégat de pouzzolane
Manufacture Ephrem villeneuve

Why choose an Ephrem wood-fired oven?

  • Kit: our residential wood-fired ovens are available in kit form and ready to build, making it effortless to build your very own oven. Put together without grouting, insulate, roof and decorate according to your personal  taste: your oven is fully finished. Save time for what truly matters: sharing moments and gathering around the wood fire.
  • Design & performance: for professionals, we offer a choice between traditional fixed wood-fired ovens that can be customised, and models with a rotating floor. Our rotating ovens stand out with their contemporary design, in line with the distinctive style of the manufacture. Our wood-fired baker ovens blend tradition and performance seamlessly with their unique features which are highly appreciated by our customers.
  • Robust & reliable: The initial ovens we installed continue to serve their purpose 45 years later. By constructing them with durability in mind, you lay the foundation for the next generation: food and energy self-sufficiency are more than ever the challenge of tomorrow.
  • An ecological and French raw material 🇫🇷: Our ovens are crafted by hand, utilising a unique expertise and natural French materials. These ovens are then air-dried without the requirement of high-temperature firing. The result speaks for itself: Ephrem wood-fired ovens are considered ecological construction materials, from their manufacture to their use.

Find out more about:

  • Forte inertie Energy performance:
    high thermal inertia
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Economique Affordable,
    durable &
  • Naturellement autonettoyant Naturally
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Matériaux naturels Natural
  • Montage simple & rapide Simple and
    quick assembly
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust

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