Combiné L’Authentique

Generous size, ready-to-build

The most well-known Ephrem wood-fired oven in a design ideal for a summer kitchen. Ready-to-build kit featuring the Ephrem Authentique wood-fired oven and a traditional cladding design. The Authentique full kit oven offers optimum wood-fired cooking for pizzas, bread, grilled food and simmered dishes to keep the entire family happy. Included: L’Authentique Pizzaiolo oven with pozzolan floor, steel door, barbecue grid, Siena arch (other colors on request), jambs & work plan. Coating & insulation not included. Kit is provided unrendered; colour is for information purposes only.

  • 2 33 cm pizzas per batch 2 33 cm pizzas per batch
    40 per hour
  • 6 to 8kg / heating cycle6 to 8kg / heating cycle
  • 2 to 3 30 cm dishes per batch 2 to 3 30 cm dishes per batch
  • 8kg per batch (bread)8kg per batch (bread)
  • WarranteeWarrantee 5 years
Assemble and insulate yourself
Inside diameter (cm)90 cm
H x L x P (cm)213 x 242 x 140
Weight (Kg)2050
Main materialPozzolan
No. of guests12 and more
IncludedBarbecue grid & standard steel door, Siena arch
OptionsCooking accessories, insulating materials
  • Forte inertie Energy performance:
    high thermal inertia
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Economique Affordable,
    durable &
  • Naturellement autonettoyant Naturally
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Matériaux naturels Natural
  • Montage simple & rapide Simple and
    quick assembly
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust

Each oven kit comes with detailed instructions, a door, an integrated hood and, for many models, a barbecue grid. They are ready to be installed wherever you need. Follow our advice and start baking in a wood-fired oven.

Have any questions? Visit our advice page to learn more. Start by downloading the instructions about your oven!

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