Le Boulanger 2M²

A compact oven for flexible use

Our baker ovens are perfect for artisan and country bakers looking to work with wood-fired ovens. They come with a rotating floor with an exceptional chamotte-based floor and an integrated hood. It’s the perfect blend of traditional know-how and high performance. Cooking is uniform and you set the pace thanks to the speed controller. Oven installation is quick: we take care of it for you or work with you.

Specific features of the Boulanger 2: a 2m² cooking surface for an oven that adapts to different bakeries formats depending on your project. floor diameter: 160 cm.

  • 25kg / heating cycle25kg / heating cycle
  • 25kg per batch (bread)25kg per batch (bread)
  • X2 yieldYield
  • Installation in 3 daysInstallation in 3 days
  • Logs up to 0.7 metre
  • WarranteeWarrantee 10 years
Inside diameter (cm)160 cm
H x L x P (cm)220 x 200 x 291
Weight (Kg)4500
Main materialChamotte
Includedembellishment, Frame, Insulation, On-site assembly
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Inertie exceptionnelle Exceptional
    thermal inertia
  • Clefs en main Turnkey designs
  • Solde rotative motorisée Motorised rotating
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust
  • Matériaux naturels Natural

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