Are you hesitating between these two ovens without understanding their differences?

They’re the same size, they look very similar, and yet these two ovens are very different. One is an excellent bread oven, while the other is exceptionally versatile. We’ll tell you all about it ⬇️


1/ The oven body and its material

Both ovens are made from pozzolan, a volcanic clay from the Ardèche region, and have outstanding refractory properties and high performance. The floor provided with these two models of oven, also made from volcanic earth concrete, is identical and allows you to cook your food directly on it.

From a technical point of view, L’Authentique Pizzaiolo and Le Gastronome share many similarities:

  • same internal diameter;
  • same space requirements;
  • same minimum slab size;
  • same floor;
  • same cooking capacity.

As you will have understood, these ovens only change in terms of their inlet and outlet.

2/ Versatility and reliability

100% French 🇫🇷, handcrafted in our factory for over 45 years, these wood-fired ovens have proved their worth. Pizza, stews, bread and grilled meats can all be baked in these two models, either directly on the floor or on the optional barbecue grill for grilled meats and vegetables.

The high thermal inertia of our domestic ovens means that they use very little wood and have a very long cooking cycle. This means you can cook a lot in a single heating cycle: the guarantee of real wood-fired oven cooking.


1/ Smoke extraction

The internal smoke drain can be found on L’Authentique Pizzaiolo. It’s an almost cuboid-shaped flue outlet located above the oven entrance. It makes it easier to dress your oven without having a part “sticking out”. We offer a range of fronts and arches for quick and attractive oven dressing (find out more here).

The external smoke drain found on Le Gastronome (but also on our Le Carré model) means that smoke is evacuated by overflowing. In other words, the smoke is collected by the overhang of the smoke drain, also known as the “cap”, and then evacuated into the flue.

With this type of smoke drain, only our cast-iron façade with double swing door can be used (supplied with Le Gastronome, optional for Le Carré). This makes it easy for bread lovers to use, as all they have to do is take out the coals, close the two doors and let the heat fall before putting the oven in the oven.

2/ The door delivered with the oven

L’Authentique Pizzaiolo comes with a standard steel door. Lightweight and easy to handle, you can use it in 3 different ways:

  • Positioned obliquely at the entrance of the oven so that the temperature rises when the oven is heated or for cooking simmered dishes;
  • Push it right down to the stop at the back of the oven entrance to seal the oven (only after removing the embers and cleaning the floor with a broom) and take advantage of cooking with descending heat, such as bread;
  • Without door: when the oven is hot (at 400°C the vault turns white), pizzas and grills are usually cooked with the door open.

By choosing Le Gastronome, you’re opting for simplified cooking. Its cast iron facade with double swing door, fixed to the oven, allows you to make the Le Gastronome completely airtight with a simple flick of the wrist. The heat inside the oven is maintained by the cast iron. As with L’Authentique Pizzaiolo, 3 door arrangements are possible:

  • Swing door slightly opened to cook stews or bring the oven up to temperature while allowing oxygen to pass through and smoke to escape;
  • The swing door is closed to take advantage of downward heat cooking (again, after removing the embers and cleaning the firebox);
  • Swing door fully open for loading and cooking pizzas and grills.

In the end, you’ll realise that the Le Gastronome is a fully-equipped oven that will prove an excellent companion, especially for baking bread. L’Authentique Pizzaiolo, although requiring slightly more handling for bread, is an oven that performs just as well and is easy to clad.

Most frequently asked questions:

  • Can I put the cast-iron facade on L’Authentique Pizzaiolo? Yes, after first locating and drilling the holes in the cast-iron facade. This installation will be purely aesthetic and will not allow the flue to be closed off as on Le Gastronome.

  • I’d like to bake bread in the L’Authentique Pizzaiolo? You can buy our L’Authentique insulating door as an optional extra to optimise bread baking. It keeps the heat in better.

  • How do I clean the floor? A broom, a squeegee and a cloth, but above all no water!

  • Do you want to cook regularly in your oven? Choose Le Gastronome Pro wood-fired oven!

  • Does the size seem small to you? Have you looked at our L’Artisan 110 wood-fired oven?

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Le Gastronome wood-fired oven

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