Le Casanier

A model that’s easy to integrate indoors

Its small size makes it easy to install in an indoor kitchen. Ideal for cooking pizzas & simmered dishes. Suitable for baking bread. Included: hood, pozzolan floor, brick façade & small steel door. Optional: cooking accessories & insulating materials.

675 TTC 562.5€ (HT) In stock

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Free collection at the factory | Home delivery from 84€ onwards (France excl. Corsica)

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Total Price: 675


  • Made of: Pozzolan
  • Inner diameter:  55 cm
  • Dimensions of the kit when assembled: H61 x W69 x D76 cm
  • Minimum dimensions of the supporting slab: W90 x D85 x Thickness 10cm
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Weight of the heaviest element: 53kg
  • Number of firebox elements: 4 (façade included)
  • Number of floor elements: 2
  • Number of guests: 4 & more

Delivered with: mini black steel door & ochre brick facade

Optional extras: cooking and assembly accessories

Tips from our expert

Nadine, technical advisor for Ephrem for over 30 years.

There are several ways to optimise the use of your Le Casanier wood-fired oven:

  • Carefully read the assembly instructions provided and follow them thoroughly. Pay attention to the recommended materials and any specific instructions, such as where to seal the oven when necessary. It is recommended to keep these instructions for future reference. Additionally, noting down the letters on the elements of your oven can be helpful in case you need to replace any parts that may break during installation;
  • For dome or corner insulation, choose a load-bearing slab with optimal dimensions of 119×100 cm to provide more space for insulation;
  • It is also important to think about your smoke evacuation before buying the oven. This can be achieved through either a flue pipe or a chimney. The connection pipe is the most important accessory not to overlook, for those who wish to use flue pipes;

If you have any more questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions section or feel free to contact us! Nadine will be more than happy to assist you.

What is the difference with L’Elémentaire Mini? Unlike L’Elémentaire Mini, the Le Casanier oven is supplied with a hood and a façade. This makes installation easier. On the other hand, L’Elémentaire Mini is de facto more easily customizable, in addition to being slightly larger.

You want to bake bread? Insulate your oven with mineral wool (or Ephrem insulating fibre) and sand. The small size of this oven will potentially require a double layer of mineral wool to improve its insulation. This will ensure that the heat is released slowly due to the mass effect of the sand.

Interested in grilling? The barbecue grid is unfortunately not compatible with this oven. However, as the floor of our ovens is suitable for food, all your grilling can be done directly on it.

  • Forte inertie Energy performance:
    high thermal inertia
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Economique Affordable,
    durable &
  • Naturellement autonettoyant Naturally
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Matériaux naturels Natural
  • Montage simple & rapide Simple and
    quick assembly
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust

Our insulation and installation tips

livraison à domicile

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Fabriqué en France

Made in Provence, France

fours garantis 5 ans

Wood-fired ovens
5 year warranty


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An Ephrem wood-fired oven is:

Matériaux naturels

A natural raw material: Pozzolan

Each component of our ovens is made of refractory earth concrete, using natural, high-quality French raw materials. Our domestic ovens are made from pozzolan, a volcanic rock from the French Ardèche region, which we were the first to transform into concrete. The result is a high level of refractoriness, which ensures great inertia: the heat of the wood is stored and then slowly released as the cooking cycle progresses.

Pozzolan agregate

How does an Ephrem wood-fired oven work?

  • Kit: When you purchase an Ephrem oven, you are selecting a durable, affordable, and easy-to-assemble wood-fired oven kit. Whether you decide to install the oven yourself or hire a professional, our detailed instructions will assist you throughout the process. If you have any inquiries or uncertainties, we are here to provide assistance and support.
  • Insulation & chimney: our wood-fired oven kits need to be insulated according to our recommendations and connected to a chimney. For optimal operation, it is imperative to provide good insulation and to ensure that the smoke evacuation system is correctly installed. When properly installed, your Ephrem wood-fired oven will stay warm for a long time, allowing you to make the most of all its functions.
  • Customisable: as part of a ready-made kit, our ovens can be cladded in your own style. Whether the oven is visible or completely integrated into the structure: it’s up to you. Plastered or mosaic finishes, chamber or dome mounting: decorate as you wish.
  • Or turnkey, with Le Flambeur: go for an all-inclusive version and choose a contemporary oven design for a tasty & aesthetic wood-fired kitchen.
  • Wood-fired cooking: discover the unique taste of wood-fired pizza, the smell of bread straight out of the wood-fired oven, or the tender inside and braised outside of your grills. In addition to its versatility, using an Ephrem wood-fired oven encourages you to take your time, enjoy the moment and learn by making.

Tips & FAQ


You couldn’t find the answer?

Got a question? Chances are the answer is right here!

  • How to choose your Ephrem wood-fired oven?

    The important questions to ask yourself when choosing your oven are: is it for domestic or professional use? how much space do I have? what do I want to cook in the oven? how many guests can I feed with the oven? what is my budget? By answering these questions you can filter the ovens according to the minimum dimensions of the load-bearing slab, the size of the oven, its cooking capacity and its price. If you still are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How long does it take to deliver?

    It is possible to collect our domestic wood-fired ovens (excluding the Combinés and the Flambeur) from the factory on the same day as your purchase. For professional ovens, collection within 2 days is also possible from our premises. In either case, please ensure that you have a vehicle suitable for transporting the weight of the oven and a pallet measuring 100x120cm for domestic ovens or 110x130cm for professional ovens. The home delivery service by carrier guarantees receipt of your order within 8 to 10 days from the time the order is processed for metropolitan France. For Corsica and export: please contact us.

  • How long does it take to build an Ephrem wood-fired oven?

    An Ephrem wood-fired oven kit such as the Authentic Pizzaiolo can be installed in one day, excluding the drying time for the base (48 hours). The overall construction will require about a month’s work, including the assembly and drying time of the load-bearing slab, the installation of the oven, its insulation and then the completion of the framework (roofing, cladding). A useful tip is to start the load-bearing slab before receiving your oven and to dry your sand to save time.

  • How do I insulate my Ephrem wood-fired oven?

    There are two ways to insulate your oven: in a box or in a dome. You can find our recommendations on this subject in this article.

  • The construction of my oven is completed, how do I get it started?

    The first few warm-ups are very important. They are part of a sometimes forgotten stage called “dehumidification”. This involves gradually heating the oven in order to evacuate the humidity from the structure before using it. You can find our advice on dehumidifying in the dedicated article here.

Manufacture Ephrem villeneuve
Ephrem Manufacture

Manufacturing secrets

  • Hand built and local: We hand build our wood-fired ovens in Haute-Provence. The entire process is carried out in our manufacture in Villeneuve (04, France) and our suppliers and service providers are French.

  • Durability: Our ovens last over time and make their owners happy. Word of mouth is our best ally.

  • Sustainability: Committed for 3 years to a project of rehabilitation and global modernisation of our activity and our production site, Les Ateliers du Lauzon, we wish to ground our approach in sustainable innovation, with strong technical expertise focused on the environment and environmentally conscious commitments.

Inspiration from Ephrem