Le Loule

Design & innovative: the new generation of rotating wood-fired ovens

Wood-fire cooking has a new look: tinted concrete facade, steel strapping and integrated hood. Our 120 rotating wood-fired oven is also more efficient, with an inertia optimized sole (10 cm thick), to perfect each dish. Aesthetic and versatile, thanks to a capacity of 6 pizzas or dishes simultaneously, it gives style to your space and allows you to accompany you efficiently throughout the service. Its interior combustion chamber is made of fiber-reinforced refractory concrete (reinforced with stainless steel fibers) and entirely made with chamotte. Load, unload, prepare, save working time, all for an excellent return on investment. It’s at your own pace, according to your habits: variable speed, integrated thermometer and choice of direction of rotation.

Model available in several colors: please contact us.

  • 10 to 12kg / heating cycle10 to 12kg / heating cycle
  • 4 to 5 30 cm dishes per batch 4 to 5 30 cm dishes per batch
  • WarranteeWarrantee 5 years
Inside diameter (cm)120 cm
H x L x P (cm)164 x 160 x 181
Weight (Kg)1050
Max. space requirement (cm)160 x 181 cm
Main materialChamotte
IncludedEmbellishment & thermometer, Frame, Insulation
OptionsCooking accessories
  • Forte inertie Energy performance:
    high thermal inertia
  • Chauffe directe Direct heating:
    authentic wood-fired
  • Clefs en main Turnkey designs
  • Solde rotative motorisée Motorised rotating
  • Fabrication française Made in
  • Savoir-faire historique Long-standing know-how
    approved by
    our customers
  • Solidité & robustesse Strong
    & robust
  • Matériaux naturels Natural

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