In a very interesting testimonial, our customer Yanis Irhir from GAEC Pachamama talks about the job of a farmer-baker. It’s an absorbing job, but above all it’s a diversified one. A true Swiss Army knife, the farmer-baker adds value to his product from seed to end product.

We’ve found bread to be an interesting way of adding value to our work and making our production profitable. We produce 360 kg of bread a week, made with natural sourdough and baked in a wood-fired oven […].

Yanis Irhir

Bread is an additional source of income in this business model, which is based on collaboration, mutual support and passion. It’s a return to the authentic, to manual work and a rediscovery of the self for these three converts. Responding to this new need for usefulness at work, this approach to breadmaking restores its credentials by presenting it as a way of magnifying the farmer’s work. At a time when the economy is facing an urgent need to renew itself, this alternative seems to be a ready-made solution for reconnecting with the essentials.

Read the article on the La Toque Magazine website:

If you’re interested in the bakery-farming profession, Yanis is also the co-author of an excellent book on the subject:

Editions France Agricole, 2019