Table support pour Nomade 120

Le complément du Nomade 120

The table base for the Nomade 120 is an added extra that complements the Le Nomade 120 oven. It is specifically designed to facilitate the installation of the oven in a vehicle or in a room. Please note that the table base is only compatible with the Le Nomade 120 oven. The black elements such as doors and drain are not included with the table base, as they are part of the Le Nomade 120 oven. The kit components (chassis, stainless steel front and side panels) cannot be purchased individually.

The oven is not included with the table base.

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  • Dimensions of the kit when assembled: H195 x W142.5 x D142.5 cm
  • Weight: 125 kg
  • Made of: steel and stainless steel

The kit includes:

  • The metal frame on which the oven rests. A must-have for easy assembly on a pizza truck;
  • The brushed steel front panel, which will house the avaloir and oven doors;
  • Black steel panelling on the sides and top of the oven (not visible in the photo), to complement the stainless steel front panel.
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An Ephrem professional wood-fired oven is:

Matériaux naturels

A natural raw material: Chamotte

Each component of our ovens is made of refractory earth concrete, using natural, high-quality French raw materials. Our professional ovens are made from chamotte, a fire-clay from Aquitaine. The result is a high level of refractoriness, which ensures great inertia: the heat of the wood is stored and then slowly released as the cooking cycle progresses.

Chamotte agregate

How does a professional Ephrem wood-fired oven work?

  • 1 single heating for several batches
  • Kit: When you purchase an Ephrem oven, you are selecting a durable, affordable, and easy-to-assemble wood-fired oven kit. Whether you decide to install the oven yourself or hire a professional, our detailed instructions will assist you throughout the process. If you have any inquiries or uncertainties, we are here to provide assistance and support.
  • Insulation & chimney: our wood-fired oven kits need to be insulated according to our recommendations and connected to a chimney. For optimal operation, it is imperative to provide good insulation and to ensure that the smoke evacuation system is correctly installed. For an even more convenient installation, explore our insulation and mounting accessories here. When properly installed, your Ephrem wood-fired oven will stay warm for a long time, allowing you to make the most of all its functions.
  • Customisable: as part of a ready-made kit, our ovens can be dressed up in your own style. Whether the oven is visible or completely integrated into the structure: it’s up to you.
  • Or turnkey, with Le Flambeur Pro: the latest addition to the Ephrem range which has an attractive, contemporary design.
  • Inertia and exceptional cooking: Ephrem professional wood-fired ovens provide versatility and efficiency. From pizzas and breads to grills, stews, meat, and fish, these ovens offer a wide range of cooking options. With their high level of inertia, they retain heat for an extended period, allowing you to cook throughout the entire heating cycle. Delight your customers with the authentic wood-fired experience!

Tips & FAQ


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  • With limited available space, which professional wood-fired oven model would be the most suitable for me?

    In this situation, we recommend L’Artisan 110, which requires a minimum slab size of 170x170cm. If that is still too large for your space, an alternative option is the Le Gastronome Pro, which needs a minimum load-bearing surface of 142x132cm.  If your project involves a pizzeria, you can also opt for Le Nomade 120 with the support table options, with a required space of 142.5×142.5cm. This oven is specially designed for pizza making.

  • Which model is the most common for restaurants?

    The L’Artisan 130 is the prevailing choice among restaurants and pizzerias when it comes to Ephrem professional wood-fired ovens. Its size and capacity make it suitable for most establishments, offering a more convenient working environment compared to smaller ovens.

  • Which ovens are suitable for installation in a truck or food truck?

    The Nomade 120 is the most suitable and largest model for installation in a truck or food truck. It is specifically designed for pizza making and is lightweight. With its metal support table, it occupies a space of 142.5×142.5cm and weighs 555kg (including support). For a rotating model, the 90 Rotatif is a good choice, allowing for quick cooking of 4 pizzas at once. If space is limited, the Authentique Pro or Le Gastronome Pro are options with an internal diameter of 90cm and a space requirement of 142x132cm. Metal supports are not provided for these models, but can be arranged by a van fitter or metalworker. Whichever oven you choose, don’t forget to insulate the top and bottom, and specify during the ordering process that it will be installed in a truck, so appropriate assembly instructions can be provided.

  • How many insulation panels are required for an Ephrem professional oven?

    The number of insulation panels needed for an Ephrem professional oven depends on the specific model and installation setup. Here are the recommended quantities for each oven:
    – L’Authentique Pro et le Gastronome Pro : 1 rouleau de fibre isolante Ephrem (+ 3 plaques d’isolant rigide)
    – L’Artisan 110 : 2 rouleaux de fibre isolante Ephrem
    – Le Nomade 120 : 2 rouleaux de fibre isolante Ephrem (+ 4 plaques d’isolant rigide)
    – L’Artisan 130 : 3 rouleaux de fibre isolante Ephrem
    – L’Artisan 160 : 3 rouleaux de fibre isolante Ephrem
    Please note that the rigid insulation panels are only necessary if the food truck is mounted on a metal frame.

  • What is the estimated timeframe for delivery?

    You have the option to pick up our domestic wood-fired ovens (excluding combis and flambeurs) directly from the factory on the same day of purchase. Professional ovens can also be picked up from our premises within 2 days. Please make sure you have a suitable vehicle to transport the weight of the oven and a pallet of the required size (100x120cm for domestic ovens or 110x130cm for professional ovens). If you choose home delivery, our carrier service ensures that you receive your order within 8 to 10 days from the time the order is processed for mainland France. For Corsica and international deliveries, please contact us for further information.

Manufacture Ephrem villeneuve
Ephrem Manufacture

Manufacturing secrets

  • Hand built and local: We hand build our wood-fired ovens in Haute-Provence. The entire process is carried out in our manufacture in Villeneuve (04, France) and our suppliers and service providers are French.

  • Durability: Our ovens last over time and make their owners happy. Word of mouth is our best ally.

  • Sustainability: Committed for 3 years to a project of rehabilitation and global modernisation of our activity and our production site, Les Ateliers du Lauzon, we wish to ground our approach in sustainable innovation, with strong technical expertise focused on the environment and environmentally conscious commitments.

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